Dr. Gregor Holzer

After finishing his medical studies at the Medical University of Vienna, Dr Holzer started his career in research in the field of vascular biology at the Clinical Institute for Medical Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics at Medical University Clinic General Hospital Vienna. He continued his education there through the Dermatology Residency Training Program, while also getting involved in numerous clinical dermatology research projects, which led to several publications. After finishing his residency at Klinik Donaustadt he became a Senior Physician and is currently Head of the Ambulatory Centre for Vein Diseases and the Outpatient Clinic for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases of the skin.

As Head of the Vienna-Donaustadt Dermatology Study Centre he is supervising several clinical trials, while continuing his research in dermatological diseases.  He is lecturing medical students at two university clinics and he is Head Coordinator for the dermatological training of the medical students during their final year at Klinik Donaustadt.

Dr Holzer has authored numerous publications. His research focus has mainly been chronic inflammatory diseases and their therapy and influence on the human body. In addition, he has also written several publications in the field of aesthetic dermatology. His experience in the field of clinical dermatology, profound expertise in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures and interventions, as well as close cooperation with research and the pharmaceutical industry, are the best prerequisites for comprehensive therapeutic success and sustainable treatment results.


1995-2000 Karl Franzens University Medical school, Graz
2000-2003 University of Vienna, Medical school
2003-2006 Residency program in Medical Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics, Clinical Institute for Medical Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics, Medical University Vienna
2006-2010 Residency program, University Clinic for Dermatology Medical University Vienna
2010-2011 Krankenhaus Rudolfstiftung, I. Department of Internal Medicine (as part of the dermatology residency program)
2011-2012 Residency program, Landesklinikum St. Pölten, Department of Dermatology
2012-2020 Department of Dermatology, Donauspital, (Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Ost), Vienna
since 2006 University lecturer for Dermatology and Venerology, Medical University Vienna
since 2014 University lecturer Karl Landsteiner Medical University, Krems
since 2017 Department Coordinator Dermatology and Venerology, SMZ Ost-Medical University Vienna
since 2020 University lecturer, Siegmund Freud Universität, Vienna
since 2017 Vice President Austrian Society for dermatologic cosmetics and age research (ÖGDKA)
since 2020 Senior physician, Department of Dermatology, Klinikum Donaustadt (formerly Donauspital)


2002 Achievement scholarship (University of Vienna)
2005 Medical Scientific Grant of the Mayor of Vienna
2009 Euroderm Excellence 2009 scholarship (Training program for selected European dermatologic residents)
2014 Bioderm Research for Psoriasis Prize
2017 Fondation Bioderma Research Prize
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