Applying the rigorous standards of medical science to aesthetic dermatology.

As a consequence of social media and a very high demand for self optimization, aesthetic treatments are often falsely perceived as being harmless. This can lead to many complications and problems.

Dr Gregor Holzer has been involved in aesthetic dermatology for over a decade and is known for his natural and durable results. Dr Gregor Holzer advises patients seeking aesthetic consultation according to the highest standards of medicine, following a natural approach to beauty.

It is also important to clearly define limits regarding the aesthetic outcome. He advises and treats his patients according to the highest safety standards and follows a clear "Less is More" philosophy.

Dr Gregor Holzer takes a holistic approach and combines different treatments to achieve a natural long-lasting result. It is important to use complementing methods to achieve the best result for the patient.

Today, there are numerous non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures that, in combination, can significantly improve the appearance of the skin and halt the progression of skin aging. It is important, however, to rely on established proven procedures and not to succumb to temporary trends.

Dr Gregor works according to the principles of Enhance, Repair and Protect an indvidual’s skin.

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