Illustration: Medical - Dermatologe 1010 Wien


Dermatology more than skin deep.

Illustration: Medical - Dermatologe 1010 Wien


Applying the rigorous standards of medical science to aesthetic dermatology.

Illustration: Medical - Dermatologe 1010 Wien


Progress and vision through medical research.

Dr. Gregor Holzer, Dermatologe (Portrait)


Combining scientific expertise with over 20 years of clinical experience in dermatology, you will experience comprehensive, consistent and personalized care through Dr Holzer and his team.

As a patient of Dr Gregor Holzer you will benefit not only from his in-depth training in modern dermatology and his profound experience in both non-invasive and minimally-invasive dermatological procedures, but also from his close cooperation with cutting-edge dermatological research and the latest treatments from the pharmaceutical industry. Dr Gregor’s unique offering gives his patients the highest chance of therapeutic success and sustainable treatment results.

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Dr. Gregor Holzer, Dermatologe (Portrait)

"Our wellbeing in everyday life is closely tied to our skin.
Healthy and radiant skin is a coveted sign of beauty –
above all, it signals health and inner wellbeing."

– Dr. Gregor Holzer

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