Maintain & Protect

The best therapy against skin aging is to protect it.

Proper Skin Planning by Dr. Holzer

The „Skin Exposom“ comprises all non-genetic, internal and external environmental factors to which an individual is exposed throughout life. These factors contribute  to the skin aging prematurely.

The first step in protecting against skin aging and maintaining beautiful, vital skin is to analyze the individual skin exposome and the current skin condition.

This is followed by an orientation consultation during which a daily program for skin protection and skin care is developed. Dr Holzer adapts this plan to each individual’s lifestyle, skin type and age.

In addition, a customized plan is created for future skin procedures to maintain the skin in its best condition.

Sun protection and reduction of sun damage

In daily life, regular protection from the sun and other external damaging influences continue to play an important role. Protection from the sun not only means protection from skin aging, but also reduces the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer in later age.

The skin’s own protective mechanisms can be effectively supported by external and internal active ingredients. The skin barrier, which is affected by numerous external stimuli in everyday life, can be rebuilt by moisturizing creams with skin barrier restoring ingredients.

Photodynamic and chemical peeling therapy methods

In this form of therapy, a cream is applied to the skin for 3-4 hours, which is then irradiated with red light. This can eliminate superficial precancerous skin lesions. In the process, the skin becomes more beautiful and younger looking.

This therapy combines a medical benefit – protection against skin cancer with an aesthetic benefit rejuvenation of the skin.

A similar effect can be achieved with chemical peels (e.g. trichloroacetic acid in various concentrations).

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