Blemishes and Enlarged Pores

Beautiful skin has always been a coveted ideal of beauty. Not only a protective barrier to the outside world, our skin communicates health and vitality to those around us.

Unfortunately, the marketing machinery of many beauty, pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands leads to a correspondingly confusing variety of offers for patients in search for clear skin. From concealing make-up, beauty tools, nutritional supplements to home peelings the choice is endless.

Almost everyone is familiar with blemishes, pimples and blackheads during puberty. In quite a few patients, however, these skin abnormalities also remain in adulthood. Stress, hormonal changes (e.g. discontinuation of the pill) and poor nutrition might contribute to skin blemishes and acne in adult life.

No matter the cause, clear skin can be achieved by everyone. In conservative dermatology, acne therapy is often limited to standard therapies that do not adequately address the individual needs of patients and their skin.

The patient may notice a short-term improvement, but the underlying problem is not treated and acne may recur. The therapy of acne aims not only to improve the appearance of the skin, but also to prevent subsequent scarring, which is much more difficult to treat.

Medical acne therapy comprises medical creams, antibiotic tablets, isotretinoin (a vitamin A derivative) and hormonal treatments. In addition to theses established medical options, the use of certain procedures such as photodynamic therapy, peels, or lasers can accelerate the healing of acne. Daily skin care should still be adjusted to the acne treatment to avoid irritation and dehydration of the skin.

In case of already existing acne scars, a significant improvement can be achieved by further treatments such as peelings, small surgical interventions, medical microneedling or the use of lasers and energy devices.

Dr Holzer will treat you professionally and bring your skin to fully reveal its natural beauty.

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